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Get READY to  BATTLE!  Our sixth annual Battle of the Books, a program that aims to celebrate the love of reading and promote good sportsmanship, will run from September 2013 through February 2014.  Students form teams with four members, read books from the list presented below, meet to discuss the books, then come together for the battles. It is a quiz-show format in which teams answer questions about the books. The process includes special drawings, food, and fun. Several of this year’s books are written by Oregon authors or are one of the 2013 Young Readers’ Choice Nominees. Come to the library to find out more about the books and the event!

GREAT SITE TO FIND OUT HOW TO PRONOUNCE AUTHOR'S NAMES The authors tell you themselves! Quick and easy and in an alphabetical list.

Here’s the BOB list for 2013-14:


6th -8th Grades

Bigger Than a Bread Box Snyder, Laurel
Lexile 680 Pts. 14

Magyk Sage, Angie
Lexile 640 Pts. 26

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Patterson, James
Lexile 700 Pts. 9

Million Dollar Throw Lupica, Mike
Lexile 960 Pts. 14

Milo: Sticky Notes & Brain Freeze Silberg, Alan
Lexile 1180 Pts. 10

The Mostly True Story of Jack Barnhill, Kelly Regan
Lexile 740 Pts. 17

Night of the Howling Dogs Salisbury, Graham
Lexile 530 Pts. 11

The Notorious Benedict Arnold Sheinkin, Steve
Lexile 990 Pts. 14

Okay for Now Schmidt, Gary D.
Lexile 850 Pts. 19

Operation Redwood French, S. Terrel
Lexile 700 Pts. 19

Second Fiddle Parry, Rosanne
Lexile 770 Pts. 14

Stargirl Spinelli, Jerry
Lexile 590 Pts. 11

Time Riders Scarrow, Alex
Lexile 820 Pts 23

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Avi
Lexile 740 Pts. 13

Uglies Westerfeld, Scott
Lexile 770 Pts. 19

Wildwood Meloy, Colin
Lexile 900 Pts. 27

You can also find out more about the Oregon Battle of the Books at this site: